All You Have to Do is Ask

"The apostles said to the Lord, "Increase our faith!" - Luke 17:5

Just a quick update on yesterday. I will give a more thorough update later today. We received a phone call yesterday morning that Mrs. Barbara was given an appointment with the MD Anderson Center for Targeted Therapy, but not until Monday at 12:30pm. He said there a many people waiting to get squeezed in. The gentleman we spoke to emailed Dr. Ramirez directly requesting him to send a direct email to the trial physicians requesting a sooner appointment for her, as sometimes that speeds things along. We also sent a message on our end through her patient portal. In addition, we traveled back to the Mays Clinic, where Dr. Ramirez is located, and asked his staff if the request could be sent on her behalf (trying to hit it from all angles). The nurse came out and spoke to us and told us she used to be a nurse under the trial doctor and she would email him directly since Dr. Ramirez was not in the office today. What a blessing!! While eating lunch we received a phone call that her appointment had been moved up to THIS Thursday at noon! In addition, we received a copy of her labwork and everything looks great. This is good news because some are not candidates for trials because their body or immune system isn't strong enough.

Thank you for all your continued prayers and words of encouragement! We will update again after meeting with the clinical trials team. Prayers there are trials available to her that they think will be helpful.

Heavenly Father, we are putting our trust in You today. You know the longings of our hearts. Calm our anxieties with your Peace and wrap your loving arms around Mrs. Barbara today. Help keep our focus on You today, and no matter what these very brilliant doctors say, to remember that you are the best physician. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen.