Our Vision

Pilgrimage to Healing seeks to help people pursue their purpose and return to a sense of well-being while being cared for in an environment of love, compassion, and accountability.

Our Mission

We will accomplish our vision by creating a health care experience where the person comes first, has access to a supportive community, and receives the tools necessary for lifelong vitality.

Our Core Method 

H – Hear your story.

E – Examine ALL concerns.

A – Assess the pillars of health. Nutrition. Movement. Stress. Sleep. Relationships.

L – Leverage tools and resources to optimize well-being.

Our Values

We believe in a holistic approach to health and wellness, in which all body systems work together for the benefit of the whole body.

We believe in empowering people through evidenced-based knowledge, proper tools, support and accountability to make educated decisions on their health and wellness.

We believe the pilgrimage to healing takes time. We assist in setting goals that are realistic and attainable.

We believe there are no quick fixes and encourage people to make impactful, long-term lifestyle changes to ensure health and prevent disease. 

We respect the time of our patients with little to no wait times, convenience of remote visits, timely follow-ups, and reputable referrals.

Healing minds. Transforming lifestyle. Embracing change.