My pilgrimage to healing began many years ago...I just didn't know what it was until later. In 2014 -2015, my mother-in-love (read her story HERE) was battling ovarian cancer. I had wanted to start a blog from the time she was diagnosed to keep our family and her friends updated. When she found herself heading to MD Anderson for a second opinion, we all decided it was the right time to start that blog. I remember sitting in our church service, the weekend before we left for her first appointment in Houston. The sermon series was entitled - Pilgrimage - and that weekend was about "Feeling and Healing on the Journey." (You can listen to that awesome sermon HERE). I was filled with so much emotion. It hit me like a ton of bricks. Our journeys through pain in our lives whether divorce, grief, illness, disappointment, isolation are spiritual journeys...and we're ultimately seeking healing. It made me reflect on the painful pilgrimages I had travelled and how they had brought me to where I was (and where I am today). It made me realize that journeys are long and hard and filled with uncertainty, but the time it takes and the perseverance build our character and make us better people. I couldn't think of a better name for Mrs. Barbara's blog. After getting permission from our pastor, Jacob Armstrong, it was settled...our blog would be titled Pilgrimage to Healing. 


My mother-in-love's health began to decline in the fall of 2015, and it was time for her to say goodbye to her life here on Earth. I finished my health coaching certification just after she passed away. My husband, Chris, and I wanted to start a business with my coaching practice. As I reflected further on my own life pilgrimages and the one I had just walked with my mother-in-love, we chose to name the business after her blog. After all, the work I am doing is helping people on their own journeys to healing. So, everything I do as a part of Pilgrimage to Healing comes from a place a deep love and respect for my mother-in-love, Barbara Rush. She brought me along on her journey to healing. She loved me and let me love her. I won't lie. It hurts to have lost her, but I have so much more love, knowledge, care, and concern because of her journey that I want to share with others. I want to help others work through their journeys and find the beauty in the's there! And I want to do all this while walking my own's never over!

Thank you for reading our story! And may you find many blessings on YOUR pilgrimage to healing!