Our Patient Supplement Stores

As a patient in our practice, you are under no obligation to purchase nutritional supplements at our clinic.

As a service to you, we give access to high quality nutritional supplements through our office. We have relationships with manufacturers who have gained our confidence through considerable research and experience. We determine quality by considering: (1) the quality of science behind the product; (2) the quality of the ingredients themselves; (3) the quality of the manufacturing process; and (4) how well the ingredients work together. The brands of supplements that we carry in our facility are those that meet our high standards and tend to produce positive results.

While these supplements may come at a higher financial cost than those found on the shelves of big name pharmacies or health food stores, the value must also include assurance of their purity, quality, bioavailability (ability to be properly absorbed and utilized by the body), and effectiveness. The main reason we make these products available is to ensure quality. You are not guaranteed the same level of quality when you purchase your supplements from the general marketplace. We are not suggesting that such products have no value; however, given the lack of stringent testing requirements for dietary supplements, product quality varies widely.

Finally, as a participant in one of our programs you will receive discounts off of the retail cost of supplements we recommend, as much as 25-35% off.

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This is the store for most of our supplement recommendations, including:


Designs for Health

Pure Encapsulations

Klaire Labs

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Apex Energetics

Apex has a separate store. If you’re following a protocol with Apex products, use this link to reorder. To register, use the Store Code: p2heal

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Essential Oils

I have personally used Doterra essential oils for over 5 years, not just for myself but for my family and children. If you have received a recommendation to try essential oils to help manage your health concerns, you can purchase by clicking the link below.