Clinical Trial in Progress!

"How do you shake the defeated mindset and make BATTLING CANCER a part of your life?  EMBRACE the struggle.  At some point, “SURVIVING” becomes more about the journey than the destination and you find yourself delighted over the smallest accomplishments.  If you can find something that excites you, that keeps you going even when you’re not moving as fast as you might like to – if you can remain passionate and motivated – you’re almost guaranteed to succeed."

I read the fitness article linked below (which is a great read, by the way), and as I read the above paragraph, I immediately reread it with the all-caps words in my head. (I find myself finding "hidden" messages about this Pilgrimage in many unexpected places. God speaking to me? I think so!) Now, I am not a survivor of cancer. I am one of the caregivers of an amazing woman who is. I KNOW that there are moments, hours, days when you don't feel like embracing the journey you are on. But a survivor has probably been on other journeys that weren't so great, but they have moved forward from it. I whole-heartedly believe that an overall positive outlook and mindset can save your life. Even if God calls you home in the struggle, you have been living your life...and that is truly success. 

My amazing Mother-in-Love is doing very well. There has been some shuffling since the last post and now that things are coming together, I have reliable information to share. She has started a trial! Officially in's happening...Praise God! This team moved promptly! In addition, the trial nurse had her gearing up for one trial and heard about an even better one and made it happen! She said its kinda like the stock market - all these people in a room raising their hands to get a patient on a list. She said she nearly yelled to get Mrs Barbara on there! Thank you, Lord, for her advocacy! The consent and pre-trial blood work and testing was done the next week, including another CT scan (including her chest this time-which insurance denied but the study sponsor picks up the cost!) and EKG. Her heart and lungs look great and blood counts are right in range. Another amazing finding was that the largest tumor that has been measured since February is not even visible on the last 2 scans! It is possible that it is not visible because of the positioning of something in front of it, but we'd like to think that God's mercy has been shown and that little ball of bad behavior is starting to act right and go away! There are several tiny lesions (not really measurable, described as like rice) scattered in her abdomen that weren't there before which is why they say the Cancer is still "growing" and why we're hopeful this trial will slow or stop the growth. 

The trial will consist of taking 2 different drugs which both target a different pathway that tumors can use to evade the immune system fighter cells. She will take a pill twice daily and get an infusion through her port once every 3 weeks. Last week was the start of Cycle 1. She had a long 12 hr day of blood draws and received her first pills. They do an EKG to check heart rhythms when she is there. Part of being in a trial is to figure out how the human body metabolizes the drug, and in this trial, when both drugs are combined. She returned the next day for more blood work and the infusion. This week she only returns to get some blood work done, and then will head out to her home in East TN for some R&R. She is able to take the pills home and takes them on her own without having to return. She will get CT scans every 6-8 weeks to monitor progress and as long as the drugs are working, she can stay in the trial! The trial sponsor picks up all costs that insurance does not, including both drugs! So far, NO SIDE EFFECTS! She feels good! A huge blessing! Thank you for your patience on the updates and continued prayers for this beloved lady! *If you have any specific questions about the trial she has started you can email me directly or private FB message me, and I will be happy to discuss it further. 

Here is the fitness article if you're interested:

Heavenly Father, Thank You for speaking to me in the most unexpected ways! Thank You for bringing me to a place in my life where I can find You in all the nooks and crannies. You provide everything I need and do not deserve. Lord, I pray for all the survivors that they will find themselves in a place of excitement, delight, and passion as long as they are here on Earth and that the darkness of their journey transforms into the Light You are inside of us! In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen!