Patiently Waiting

Therefore the Lord is waiting to show you mercy, and is rising up to show you compassion, for the Lord is a just God. All who wait patiently for Him are happy. - Isaiah 30:8

I know many of you are anxiously awaiting updates on Mrs. Barbara. I hope the verse above can bring you the same comfort it has brought me. Without getting into each small detail, I will share with you that Mrs. Barbara has been transitioning through the phases of her death with such strength and patience and peace. We have done our best to give her the dignity that she deserves. Her body is extremely weak now. She is unable to talk, and she does not move very much. Her breathing has begun to change, so her passing could be anytime between now and a couple days, according to the Hospice nurses. We continue to hope for and pray for a miracle, but are at peace if God calls her home.

I know death and dying can be extremely difficult for some, even the person dying. There are fears of pain, loss of dignity, the changing body, remembering the loved one in a different way than they were before. I encourage everyone who reads this to challenge yourself to view death differently. Like I mentioned in the last post, there is beauty to be found in dying, and I am forever blessed to have been able to find it throughout Mrs. Barbara's journey and even as she dies. That does not mean that it is not difficult, heart-wrenching, or exhausting, but my hope is that by starting to view death differently, we can ease the transition for our loved ones and selves when our times are near. The Hospice Chaplain visited us this weekend and was such a blessing. She brought us comfort in the process. She explained that as Mrs. Barbara's body is getting weaker, her soul is getting stronger and preparing for her transition to Heaven. Just as birth is the transition of the baby for life outside the womb, death is a transition to life eternal.

Mrs. Barbara can still hear. If there is something you would like for her to hear by me reading it to her, you may private message me on Facebook or send me an email. Please continue to pray for continued peace and comfort for Mrs. Barbara and strength for our family today and the days to come. Your visits, messages of support, and prayers have been a wonderful blessing that has sustained us. Thank you!

Heavenly Father, I reach out to You during this emotional time. I thank You for being with us. We definitely sense your Presence. Thank You for the wonderful Hospice nurses, chaplains, social worker, and health aide. You have definitely gifted them with compassion and mercy. Lord, I continue to pray for a miracle for Mrs. Barbara. But I also trust in Your Will, and if it means complete healing is with You, in Heaven, I am grateful for the time I had with Mrs. Barbara here. In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen!