Admitted to the Hospital

"Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for Him to act.” - Psalm 37:7

Well, we've had another curve ball thrown. Mrs. Barbara is currently admitted to the hospital as of early this morning. We brought her to the ER last night because she had a lot of nausea and hadn't kept any fluids down all day. Coach had been trying to get her to do the bowel cleanse and liquid diet but anything going in just made her sick. 

Thankfully, the ER was not busy and they got her back quickly. They started IV fluids and she felt better very quickly. They did a CT scan of her abdomen, took a urine sample and some blood. They also gave her her pain and nausea medicines through her port. Within an hour her pain was the lowest she has reported in 2 weeks and she had an appetite! Unfortunately, the meds don't last long, but at least she was given relief, and we know what works. 

The ER doctor suspects that she has a bladder/kidney infection because her urine had some WBCs and RBCs (though this is not uncommon because she had a stent placed last week). Her blood WBC count has also jumped up some. She has no fever at this time. They started her on an antibiotic. The CT scan shows the Cancer tumors but this doctor was not qualified to make any interpretations about the Cancer, just that her stent is properly in place, her bowel pattern is normal - no obstruction or obvious invasion by the tumor - and there is no fluid buildup. Her abdomen is still distended, firm and painful. We are making sure these doctors send all reports, scans, and labwork to her trial doctors at Sarah Cannon. 

To be completely honest, this is taking a toll on Mrs Barbara's physical body. She has lost nearly 10 pounds on her already small frame, which no doubt has further weakened her. Please continue to pray for renewed strength in her mind, body and spirit. She is still the tough woman we all know, who continues to fight and doesn't want the doctors or anyone to give up on her. I will update again when we have more information or changes. 

Update after Doctor visit: they do NOT believe there is a kidney infection, as WBCs and RBCs can be present in the urine when a stent has been placed. They are putting her on a pain pump to help with pain manangement. There does not seem to be a bowel obstruction on the CT scan, but they are going to administer suppositories for nausea and to get her bowels moving. One of the doctors looking after her is an oncologist with her trial doctor, so they are keeping each other in the loop. Wonderful doctors and nurses, great bedside manner and compassion. I feel she is in great hands. 

Heavenly Father, I lift up the doctors and nurses to You today. I pray their observations and decisions are guided by You. I pray they are moved by Your Presence in Mrs Barbara and that their lives are blessed by crossing her path. In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen.